Will Kakashi Ever Obtain Both Sharingan? A Comprehensive Analysis

Kakashi Hatake, the renowned ninja and former Hokage of Konohagakure, is known for his mastery of the Sharingan. While he lost his own Sharingan eye during the Fourth Great Ninja War, he managed to obtain another Sharingan eye that belonged to his former comrade, Obito Uchiha. However, this begs the question: will Kakashi ever obtain both Sharingan? In this blog post, we will explore the importance of Sharingan for Kakashi, his journey with Sharingan, the possibility of him obtaining both Sharingan, the compatibility of Sharingan with his body, the limits of Edo Tensei and Sharingan, and alternative ways for him to obtain both Sharingan.

The Importance of Sharingan for Kakashi

Kakashi’s Sharingan has been a crucial part of his journey as a ninja. It has allowed him to copy and master various ninjutsu and taijutsu techniques from his opponents, as well as predict their movements in battle. It was also instrumental in his role as a teacher, as he used it to teach his students various techniques and strategies. Additionally, the Sharingan has been a symbol of his friendship with Obito Uchiha and their shared experiences during the Third Great Ninja War.

Kakashi’s Journey with Sharingan

Kakashi first obtained his Sharingan eye during the Third Great Ninja War, where he witnessed his comrade Obito Uchiha get crushed by a boulder. Obito gave his Sharingan to Kakashi as a gift, and it has been a part of Kakashi’s life ever since. He lost his original Sharingan eye during the Fourth Great Ninja War while fighting Kaguya Otsutsuki, but he managed to obtain Obito’s Sharingan after he sacrificed himself to save Kakashi.

The Possibility of Kakashi Obtaining Both Sharingan

While it is technically possible for Kakashi to obtain both Sharingan, it is highly unlikely. Obtaining Sharingan requires the death of a Sharingan user, and it is rare to find someone with two Sharingan eyes. Additionally, the Sharingan is a unique ocular jutsu that is exclusive to the Uchiha clan, and it is unlikely that another Sharingan user would be willing to give up their eyes to Kakashi.

Analysis of Sharingan Compatibility with Kakashi’s Body

Even if Kakashi were to obtain both Sharingan, it is uncertain if his body would be compatible with the ocular jutsu. The Sharingan requires an immense amount of chakra and stamina to use, and Kakashi’s body may not be able to handle the strain of two Sharingan eyes. Furthermore, Kakashi’s body is not genetically related to the Uchiha clan, which may affect the effectiveness of the Sharingan.

Exploring the Limits of Edo Tensei and Sharingan

Edo Tensei is a forbidden technique that allows the user to revive the dead. It has been used in the Naruto series to revive various characters, including Madara Uchiha. It is possible that Kakashi could use Edo Tensei to revive Obito and obtain his other Sharingan eye. However, this raises ethical concerns and would go against Kakashi’s moral code as a ninja.

Alternatives to Obtaining Both Sharingan

While obtaining both Sharingan is unlikely, there are alternative ways for Kakashi to improve his ninja abilities. He could continue to train and master various jutsu and techniques, as well as develop new strategies for battle. Additionally, he could seek out other ocular jutsu that are compatible with his body and abilities.


In conclusion, while it is unlikely that Kakashi will ever obtain both Sharingan, it is still an interesting topic to explore. The Sharingan has been a crucial part of his journey as a ninja, and it has allowed him to master various jutsu and techniques. Even without both Sharingan, Kakashi is still a formidable ninja who has inspired countless fans with his strength, intelligence, and compassion.

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